Warning against “conciliation”

June 5, 1874

Writing to Henry Wilson and other members of the Anti-Slavery Reunion Convention, indicating that he cannot be present, he reflects on the accomplishments of the movement, and includes these words of caution:  “… And now that liberty has been proclaimed to all the inhabitants in the land, let us beware of the siren call of ‘conciliation’ when it means humoring the old dragon spirit of slavery, and perpetuating caste distinctions by laws.  Cherishing nothing but good-will toward the South, and earnestly desiring the welfare and prosperity, we shall show ourselves to be her truest friends by refusing to compromise any of the principles of justice as pertaining to her colored population, and the gratification of a malignant prejudice based upon nothing but contempt of race…   1

1 Letters of William Lloyd Garrison – Volumes I – VI