Conscience and non-resistance

Aug. 7,  1863

Garrison writes to a friend relative to his sons intentions, the war and the draft.  “I have three sons of the requisite age — George,William and Wendell. Wendell is in principle opposed to all fighting with carnal weapons.  So is William. In any case they will not go to the tented field but will abide the consequences.  George is inclined to think he shall go,  if drafted, as he does not claim to be a non-resistant. … I do not object to my children suffering any hardships, or running any risks, in the cause of liberty and the support of great principles, if duty requires it, but I wish them to know themselves, to act from the highest and noblest motives, and to be true to their conscientious convictions.”   1

1 Letters of William Lloyd Garrison – Volumes I – VI