Violence threatened in Boston

May 25, 1838

Marlboro Chapel has just been completed; it “is an object of pro-slavery malevolence.”  Garrison writes that ” threats have been given out that the Chapel should share the fate of the Hall. Last evening was the time for its dedication; and so threatening was the aspect of things, four companies of light infantry were ordered to be in readiness… During the day, placards were posted at the corners of streets, denouncing the abolitionists, and calling upon the citizens to rally at the Chapel in the evening, in order to put them down.  An immense concourse of people assembled, a large proportion doubtless from motives of curiosity, and not a few of them with evil designs; but, owing to the strong military preparations, the multitude refrained entirely from any overt acts of violence…”  1

1 Letters of William Lloyd Garrison – Volumes I – VI